Do You Have Fine Furniture to Sell? We Can Help!


How does consignment work?

There are just 4 steps between here and a check for your furniture! We’ll come to your home, price your items, pick them up, make them look incredible in our showroom, and pay you when they sell. 

Step 1:

The first step is filling out the form on this page. Tell us what you have, what condition it’s in, and please include photos

We’ll take a look at your items and let you know if we are interested. We can ONLY take quality pieces in excellent condition. Unfortunately, many pieces —although nice —do not meet our high standards. We can not take pieces that are worn, damaged or dirty.

Step 2:

We’ll make an appointment to see your items in your home. We’ll tell you what we can take and how we would like to price those items. We price all items aggressively, to sell as quickly as possible. If you have pieces that are antiques and believe that they have special value as antiques, we may not be the right fit for you. All items in our store are priced for use as furniture and our pricing strategy is very different from an antique dealer. All the terms of our agreement will be outlined in a consignment contract for your pieces and we will schedule a time to pick up the furniture from your home. You will not incur any charges for pickup until your items actually sell.

Our pickup fees are as follows:

  • $45 for any address within Colorado Springs city limits
  • $55 for any address in our pickup regions outside the Colorado Springs city limits
  • Add $20 if we are picking up a full truck’s worth of furniture

Step 3:

Your items will be staged on our showroom floor soon — if not immediately — after pickup. If an item does not sell within the first month, we mark the price down by 20%. If it does not sell within the next month, we mark it down an additional 20%. All our consignment contracts are for 3 months: you are free to take back any items that do not sell within this timeframe or we would be happy to donate them to charity on your behalf.

Step 4:

After an item sells, you will receive a commission check in the mail for 50% of the sale price. Your pickup fee will be deducted from your first check. 

Consigning with us is easy and hassle-free! We do all the work and manage all the logistics. You get a check when we sell your items. It really is that simple!

  • The Consignment Gallery Policies and Procedures

    1. Consignment sales contract is for three (3) months, beginning on the day item(s) enters our showroom. It may be up to 14 days before new items are merchandised in our showroom. 

    2. Consignor will receive 50% of the selling price.

    3. Sale price of the item(s) will be reduced by 20% of the start price after one month and another 20% of the start price after the second month. 

    4. Consignor will receive payment by check at the mailing address above by the 20th day of the following month after item(s) are sold.  Pickup fees, if applicable, will be deducted from the first payment you receive for this contract. 

    5. Consignor is responsible for keeping track of the contract end date. Consignor has 7 days from the end of the contract to pick up item(s) from the store. After 7 days, at our discretion, we will continue to mark your item(s) down until sold or donate to the charity of our choice.

    6. Consignor shall indemnify, save and hold harmless Consignment Gallery of all liability claims resulting in injury, death or damage to person and / or property resulting from defects from consigned goods. Consignment Gallery is not liable for any stolen /damaged items on consignment. Items remain the personal property of the consignor while in our store and Consignment Gallery is not liable for any losses or damages.

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