Tips for shopping at The Consignment Gallery

Yes, the prices are incredible — but if you want to take full advantage of our unique shopping experience, here are a few pro tips…

If you fall in love, act fast!

Most items sell within a few weeks of arriving on our showroom floor. Some sell within a few hours. All our consigned items are unique so once they are gone, they are GONE. And don’t worry about how you’ll get it home, we deliver.

Everything in our store is “as is”

We select only the best items in the most pristine condition possible into our store. But we do not steam clean, reupholster, refinish, or do anything beyond very light repairs. Everything you see is sold as-is.

We aren’t allowed to negotiate

Our job is to get the best possible price for our consigners and so we are not allowed to negotiate, haggle or cut deals. The price you see on the tag is the very best price we can offer.

Watch for markdowns!

Every consigned item has a date at the top of the price tag. If an item doesn’t sell, we will mark the price down 20% after 30 days. After 60 days? Another 20%. These changes are indicated on the price tag. Nothing stays more than 90 days.

Shop carefully, all sales are final

Measure carefully! If you forget to bring a tape measure, don’t worry — we have plenty in the showroom. All sales are final though, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on any item. 

Consignment shopping is different than shopping at other furniture stores.

We don’t have a warehouse or extensive inventory of a particular item like at a mall or big box retailer; we can’t haggle or negotiate like an antique store; we reduce prices on items every 30 days; all sales are final.  

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